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Why I Decided to Go Back to School


When I tell people that I am venturing back to school, I get confused looks riddled with sympathy. Even a freshman felt bad for me the other day.  But nothing, no amount of work, will deter me from finishing the classes I need to enter graduate school. I’m on a Post-Baccalaureate Journey and I am extremely proud of myself for taking this step.

I think what people are missing is that going back to school isn’t as taboo as we think. People don’t advertise it like they do getting into college or graduate school but more people are going back to school to take basic prerequisites in order to enter the industry of their choice. I actually met a nutritionist at a social event who went back to school after getting her B.A. in Business to pursue nutrition studies. This took her 4 years but she did it because she wanted it.

I believe that others might fear going back to school and taking lower level classes  is scary and financially very risky. Taking a full load of prerequisites only to risk getting rejected? TERRIFYING!  But what if you didn’t take this chance? What if you continued on the path you were going? They say life is short but I can guarantee you it’ll feel really really long if you continue doing something you don’t want to do. It’ll be a hard road if you keep suppressing this will to try. Would standing still and withering away emotionally, mentally, physically at a job you don’t like be worth skipping the years of prerequisites   higher education needed to jump start your career? If you have to go back to school to take prerequisites, I promise it is an investment. Fields that require you to take prerequisites before grad school give you a singular path to follow career wise. For example, if you get your Doctorate in Pharmacy, you can only be a pharmacist, not an internist and not a surgeon. You leave graduate school with a piece of paper that has a clear map of what you are qualified to do. People in today’s economy are tired of spending the money to go to school only to get a degree that they could do a thousand things with. In turn, these jobs  don’t always have consistent demand because so many people from different disciplines can do the job. You can’t argue that staying at the job you don’t like is worth skipping out on pursuing a direct path, something you have chosen for yourself and have invested time through specialized courses in.

In my opinion, it’s always a good thing when someone is forced to be in a difficult situation. I have more respect for my time and my education now that I am going back to school than I did as a 19 year old. Let this experience change you and guide you into having a new view of education and your own capabilities!

I’m not paving the way. I’m not unique. So many people do what I’m doing. The reasons might vary but many people are going for it and I’m so proud of every last one of them.In a way, what I’m doing for myself doesn’t deserve a pat on the back. I decided to run after something that has kept me awake at night. Something that makes me want to study all nonstop over the next 3 years. Something that I know I can do and something I know is so close. I’m uncomfortable right now because what I want is not in my hand. What I want is not mine yet. But it will be. So I’m driven by this goal that I have no choice but to succeed. A situation that would deserve a pat on the back would be choosing this role when I had another one (an easier and more green option)  waiting on me. But this is it. This is all I want to do. And I will make it mine.



Rupa is a certified personal trainer. She is also a graduate of Rhodes College. Rupa currently resides in Nashville, TN.

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