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4 Tips for growing long, healthy hair


Many months ago, I tried to do everything in my power to pinpoint one magic solution to grow hair strong and healthy. However, I am now finding that there is a combination of things I can do externally to gain the healthy locks that I desire.

The main reason why women have trouble growing hair is because hair is damaged. Therefore, this post will cover tips on how to limit damage.

1) Go in for regular trims: It seems counterproductive to have hair trimmed when you want to gain length, right? For the longest time, I was told that split ends have no effect on the health of your hair because hair grows from your scalp. However, getting rid of the thinning ends can truly make your hair look fuller and healthier. It also stops hair from continuing to break off and once again appear much shorter. The last thing that you want is the hair to split further up so you need to resort to a shorter look.  Hair breakage is caused by damage and trimming every 2-3 months is definitely a great solution.

Tip within a tip: Go in for a hair trim whenever you feel like you need it. If you follow the measures listed below, you may not need to make a trip to the salon every 6-8 weeks!  When you sit down in the salon chair, make sure you emphasize that you only want the bare minimum cut off and ask them to show you how much they are taking off.

Tip for your wallet: I totally understand that going to a new place that is more economical (Super Cuts) for a trim might be scary. A la carte salon menus at your salon can sometimes get expensive. For example, my salon charges $27 for a trim but that includes shampooing/conditioning and styling as well. I used to tell my stylist that I wanted a hair cut with my hair dry  but then realized I was paying a set price and losing money! Now, I only go in for a trim on Fridays before date night. That way, I look nice for a special night and the $27 seems more worth it.

2) Limit product use: You might think that only heat products are damaging your hair. All types of products can damage hair. That Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray? Damaging. That Big Sexy Hair product you are using? So damaging.  All of these products should be used in moderation if the goal is hair growth. Products like Moroccan, coconut, and jojoba oil are nature’s own and will strengthen the hair and add shine.  For example, Moroccan oil can really help to bring dry, brittle hair to its healthiest state with shine. If your hair is wavy like mine, Moroccan oil can smooth it to the point that you won’t need a straightener.

  •  Leave in Oil Treat meal (How-To):  I am just obsessed with using oil on my hair. I love how they are taking over.  I am a fan of coconut oil and it works extremely well on thick hair.  Those with thin hair should not use coconut oil as rinsing all the product out may be difficult. Instead, I highly recommend castor oil for that hair type. Here are some steps for using natural oils on your hair.
  1. Warm it and apply generously throughout your hair. If you have issues with split ends, do not forget to apply it to your ends! It is so easy to ignore the ends after you are done massaging your roots.
  2. Leave the oil in overnight if you can handle it. Wrap your hair in a shower cap, an old t-shirt, or towel.  In the morning, rinse it out. If you can’t keep the oil in for this long, leave the oil in for at least 30 minutes.
  3. When rinsing out the oil, shampoo and condition. It always takes 2 shampoos for it to get out completely.  Have the conditioner soak in your hair for about 3 minutes to ensure that hair is adequately cleansed of oil.

4) Limit dye use: There comes a point when you need to decide if the maintenance to keep up your new highlights is going to be worth the damage. Box color and color from your most exclusive salon is still not a natural ingredient being put into the hair. These products can cause long term negative effects that hinder growth and causes breakage. Steer clear of all dyes if you want to grow your hair.


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