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7 Must-Haves for Every Bride



1) Love surrounding you: This is the most important time of your life.  Things got hectic, things got obnoxiously hectic. But the love and support of those near and dear to you should have lifted you up and highlighted the creative planning moments instead of tore you down and further added to the stressful periods. Be willing to give and receive the love of those special people in your life who want to give and receive it.  Do beware, however, that engagements are an extremely hard time for relationships.  Some friends do begin to act differently after engagements and it is up to you to gauge whether their behavior is simply different because they are giving you space to cram and plan your new life or different because there is resentment and ill feelings.

2) A Veil: I know some women choose to not wear a wedding veil. However, I do believe every bride should snag this chance to wear a veil that matches her style and accentuates her gown.  Your wedding is the only time you can wear a veil (in a serious setting, not Halloween).  Do not let it slip away! Without a veil, I tend to think that a wedding gown just looks like a pretty white dress.

3) Positivity: Be positive towards how you will handle the unideal moments on your wedding day. Be optimistic that the things that go wrong- and things will- won’t ruin your day.  There are some things (mother nature) that you simply have no control over and you need to remember to have a positive outlook on those factors. I promise you, no guest is going to hold it against you that it rained and you had to move your ceremony inside!

4) Personal style: Every bride wants her wedding to be a beautiful event and the most special thing she ever plans in her life.  Sometimes this might mean that she steps out of her personal style in order to create a luxurious, once in a lifetime wedding.  If you are a bride who is in love with a rustic venue, book it! You have the power to dress your wedding up but still fit your taste. It makes no sense to book a ballroom and wear a ball gown wedding dress if your style is more laid-back and non-traditional.  Be true to your style.

5) Time for you: Every bride should spend time away from family, friends, and the fiancé in order to incorporate time for themselves. Engagements are a busy time and that is why you cannot forget to be a bit selfish and make time for you. It will be nice to hear yourself think about things other than the wedding.

6) Days of serenity: Going off the last point, I think every bride should make time for days that do not include wedding planning. You might find yourself involved in daily discussions of snippets of the wedding with your friends and fiancé. This is normal for brides to do but is not really beneficial for everyone.  These these talks should be spread out.  Remember that your fiancé and your friends probably need a break from all the wedding talk.  Sometimes we brides just can’t see how often and how high wedding dosages we are giving to our close circle.  Your friends might smile through the talk but in the end they won’t remember that you changed your mind from navy place settings to ivory.  They will remember how much you talked about your wedding which might cause the problem discussed in point 1. Avoid this by having off-days where you only talk about what is new in their lives (do keep in mind that you should always talk about their lives during days where you also talk about your awesome wedding).

7) Signature scent: It is a fact that scents take you back.  Whenever I wear my Alien perfume, I always remember the spring I got engaged because that was what I was wearing during that semester of college.  It’s funny because I didn’t even wear the scent while he got down on one knee but the scent is enough to take me to that amazing day.  Every bride should choose a scent that brings back fond memories or a new scent for the wedding that can create special future memories.


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